Program Overview

Individualized Program Length - It is widely known that the most effective addiction recovery is attained from long-term (90 days or longer) residential, inpatient treatment. While our program duration varies according to individual needs, it generally takes 3 months or more to complete. The length of stay depends upon the participant's successful completion of all of the program steps, rather than a "one size fits all" set time period. Before each participant graduates, their case file is reviewed by a case supervisor to ensure that every one of the program benefits has been obtained.

Success Rate and Guarantee - In multiple outcome studies over a span of forty years, an average of 75% of responding graduates of our program methodology reported they were living drug-free lives six months or more after completing it. Our positive results are backed by a review program guarantee, which offers a free review program to any qualified graduate who may be having difficulties with sobriety, within six months of their graduation. For further details and eligibility requirements, please click here.

Natural Approach - Our program provides a natural approach to recovery. If medication is needed for drug withdrawal purposes, off-site medical drug detoxification is recommended before entering our program. Our unique withdrawal techniques and nutritional regimens aid in reducing withdrawal symptoms and discomforts without the use of substitute drugs. This reduces the chances of increased drug dependency and eliminates the many other negative side-effects of substitute drugs. We do, of course, allow our clients access to their own prescribed, non-narcotic medication when necessary.

Relief from Physical Drug Effects - Drug residuals (metabolites) can remain in the fatty tissue of the body long after the drugs have been taken. It is vital these residuals are removed as they may cause drug cravings and other physical and emotional effects. Our Detoxification Program uses a dry sauna, exercise and a special combination of nutritional supplements to accelerate the body's natural elimination process. Once free from the physical effects of drugs, participants are better prepared to address the mental aspects of addiction in the Life Skills portions of the program.

Self-Realization Based Treatment Model - Through a specific sequence of educational Life Skills courses, case supervising direction and professional guidance, program participants have their own realizations which initiate changes in their behavior. These courses are training manuals for life. They are designed to help the individual regain their awareness, enabling them to properly identify and overcome the problems that were perpetuating their addiction. This step focuses on increasing the abilities of participants, enhancing communication, honesty, decision making and accountability, thereby creating productive, responsible individuals who are equipped to make better choices in life.

Social Interaction - Although participants go through a lot of individual hard work on their way to recovery, they also learn to interact socially with their peers by helping each other through various courses of the program. This allows them to learn to become responsible team members and to build constructive relationships.

Activities - Our clients are encouraged to participate in healthy activities and we provide the following at our facilities: a weight & exercise area, sauna, basketball, volleyball, tennis, walking, hikes, jogging, ping-pong, pool tables and seasonal sports activities. Activities may vary according to each facility's amenities, so please check with your intake specialist for availability.

Legal Liaison Services - Any information on current or pending legal matters should be relayed to our Legal Liaison Officer (LLO), who will assist in their handling during the program. Each center has specific staff with experience in dealing with probation requirements and other court-related issues. Court costs, legal representation, fees and travel expenses are the responsibility of each participant and are not covered by the cost of the program.

Medical Liaison Services - Our Medical Liaison Officer (MLO) will arrange and transport participants to local doctors or dentists to handle any current or pending medical or dental conditions that may arise during their program. An initial medical physical exam is covered by the program cost, but all other medical and dental expenses are the responsibility of each participant and are not covered by the cost of the program.