We Stand Behind Our Results!

Our addiction treatment program is one of the most effective programs in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment field, which is why we can stand behind our services with a unique and exclusive return program guarantee.


Return Program Guarantee Any program participant who relapses within 6 months after graduating our program may be eligible to return for a free review treatment program. We must be notified of their relapse within 6 months of their graduation, they must return for their review program within that same time period and they must meet the eligibility requirements listed below. This free review treatment program does not include the price of airfare or the cost of medical detoxification (if needed).

Eligibility requirements depend on the graduate's willingness, cooperation, physical ability, medical condition, mental state, ethics record, outstanding Fresh Start fees due, legal obligations, legal disputes, broken agreements with our organization and any other conditions that are determined to be detrimental to the graduate, our organization, our students, our staff or the surrounding community near our centers.