Our Detoxification Program

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Theory behind our Detoxification Program: Drug residuals (metabolites), from drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, alcohol, painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills, can remain in the fatty tissue of the body long after drug use has ceased and it is important they are removed. This residue can cause emotional responses and even drug cravings when later released into the blood stream, eventually leading to drug relapse. Removing this physical factor of addiction is a vital step in our unique treatment process.

  • Our Detoxification program works to remove these physical triggers by flushing out the accumulated toxins.

  • The program's protocol consists of exercise, a specific amount of time sweating in a dry sauna and an exact combination of nutritional supplements which assist in accelerating the body's natural detoxification process.

    The psychological and physical benefits of this program are often nothing less than miraculous according to client testimonials.

    Within just a few days to a week of beginning our detoxification process, many participants have the color back in their faces, their eyes are brighter, their energy level has increased and they are getting enough sleep to feel revitalized. Mood swings, general discomfort and anxiety levels often also diminish. Participants often state that they feel more centered, balanced, healthy and alive as they did before using drugs.

    At this point, our staff will generally see an increased awareness and motivation in participants, which prepares them well for the upcoming educational Life Skills section of the program.

    Our Detoxification Client Testimonials

    "I feel like I did before I started using drugs. I am very happy with my successes thus far in the program and am looking forward to a great new healthy life.

    I know I can do great things and even greater things living a sober life. This is the best thing that has happened to me."


    "The 18 days I spent in the sauna were wonderful. I truly haven't felt this clear and positive in a long time; it's like the fog has been cleared. My body feels amazing. I have so much energy and my appetite and sleep are finally normal again. 
    I am ready to move forward in my program and am excited about it!"

    Thanks so much,


    "I was really looking forward to the sauna. The first few days I was really sweating, it wasn't easy. But I knew what it was doing for my body. Mentally it made me feel great knowing I was sweating all the drugs and toxins out of my body. When I started sweating it smelled and my hair would get covered with grease. I had a few drug "turn ons" from the drugs I took for broken bones and surgeries which lasted approximately 15 minutes. On days eight and nine I could really feel the drugs coming out of me and taking its toll. I did everything I was supposed to do with the vitamins. I didn't cut myself short on these because I knew it was an integral part of the program. I stuck through it knowing it would get better.

    The tenth day it was amazing. It was like the switch that I was waiting for turned on. I felt great! I was no longer taking naps afterward and had more energy than I can ever remember having. I felt like a new person.

    I feel like the person that I had lost years ago. I am ready to take my new life and run with it. I have achieved the great feeling I was looking for and I'm now ready to learn the life skills part of the program to maintain my new life. I am ready to be the husband, father, son and brother and "man" that I was meant to be and know that I am. I am ready to live my life and not waste anymore time with drugs and indulge in my self pity. I can't wait to share these feelings with my family and spend the rest of my life loving who I am.

    A BIG THANKS, to all of the hard working staff for giving me the opportunity to clean my body out and learn how to love life again without the urge to use drugs."


    "What an amazing experience! My time spent in the sauna wasn't always pleasant but the end result is definitely very cool!

    Not only do I feel younger physically but my mind is sharper, faster and much clearer. What impressed me the most was how much my vision improved. What used to be dull and flat, is now sharp, vibrant and full of life. It is like I see in high definition!

    Thank you, for including this detox process in your curriculum! I feel like me again!"


    "Sauna was awesome!! I expanded emotionally, physically and mentally. Physically my stamina and endurance is excellent. Mentally my thoughts are concise and clear and emotionally I feel very stable."

    Thank you,


    "Before I got into the sauna I still didn't feel like myself. I was not feeling very healthy either. However, after starting the program I began to sleep better and wake up refreshed and energetic.

    I know this part of the program has helped me a lot. I now feel like my head is clear and my thoughts flow really well together. I feel more motivated than before. I feel healthy for the first time in a long time. I know my body just feels cleaner and better than before.

    I'm really glad I got to do this. I now feel ready to move on with the rest of my program."

    Thank you,