Jesse Crosby - Drug Education Specialist

Jesse M. Crosby is a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) who has seen the destruction caused by drug abuse first hand, both in his professional life and his personal life. Having grown up in an area of Los Angeles that is plagued with drugs and violence, Jesse is very passionate about helping young people avoid the grip of drug and alcohol abuse. He understands exactly what the kids in the inner city face on a daily basis. At a young age, Jesse fell into substance abuse but was able to escape and now he has now been drug-free for over a decade. That experience gives him a unique understanding of the traps and dangers of drugs and alcohol and more importantly, it has given him a purpose to ensure that the youth in our communities avoid those same pitfalls.

Jesse possesses a natural ability to connect with his audience because of his honesty and personal stories. He also prides himself on having the most current information on the latest drugs and drug culture news, which combined with his Drug Education Training, is helping to guarantee a brighter future for thousands of students in Southern California and beyond.


To Whom It May Concern,

Once again, we have been informed by your presentations at our SEA (Soledad Enrichment Action) charter school. Even I learned new things this year. There is so much going on today, and our students seem to fall prey more easily. From the questions and comments made by the students, drugs are just for partying and there are no consequences. We thank you for being able to do these presentations. Jesse was able to reach the students on a different level. He was informative, but spoke the language of the students. He did not try to tell them what to do, but what the consequences were most likely to be. When he told them what happens to their body on drugs, they listened. I know that if only one student got the message, we and our SEA (Soledad Enrichment Action) charter school have made 'one small step' in the right direction. Again, thank you so much. We will see you next school year.


SEA (Soledad Enrichment Action) Charter School Health Coordinator