Helping the Community

Our purpose is to create responsible, drug free, productive members of society and we accomplish this through our renowned effective drug prevention and addiction treatment programs and through our collaborative efforts with the many organizations and individuals in the community. Our purpose is driven by the high ethical standards taught within our program. These standards promote taking responsibility, not only for oneself, but also for others and for the many other facets of life. Therefore, we believe in contributing to other constructive purposes and groups that forward the survival of our communities and of society in general.


The Ethics and Morals portion of our treatment program is the key to creating a sense of responsibility for our staff and students, which ultimately enhances their lives and the lives of others, expanding out into many other areas of life. Our programs encourage the staff and students to take their revitalized sense of responsibility, learned in the program, and direct it towards filling the needs and wants of the community. Our activities include attending local health fairs, doing beach cleanups, tree planting, removing graffiti, helping seniors, helping local church groups, helping local Indian tribes, helping local community centers & groups, helping to distribute food to the needy, volunteering for Toys for Tots, volunteer firefighting, volunteering for reading programs, creating learning programs and much more.

Of course, we also provide drug education and prevention seminars and presentations for youth as well, but in doing this work, we often find that there are other groups that need the help of our volunteers and we have provided our help to further their purposes. Please read some of the stories below.

Community Drug Education Projects

Drug abuse and addiction affect the community as a whole; therefore, we have many projects working in conjunction or collaboration with other like-minded organizations to provide drug education and prevention across entire cities or regions. Please click here to go to our drug education page.

Volunteer Firefighters


One of the most successful volunteer programs we participated in was supplying the Sunshine Summit Volunteer Fire Department with the majority of the firefighting staff, eventually having one of our staff promoted to Captain. Our volunteers went on many calls helping to save lives and property near one of our centers with their firefighting training, and actually, a few of our volunteers were so inspired that they went on to pursue full time careers in firefighting.

Over the years our volunteer firefighters assisted in handling the Cedar fire, the Border fire, the Camino fire, the Witch Creek fire and the Poomacha fire. But, the many small fires in the immediate area were also handled. About 80 % of the calls to the station were for Medical emergencies rather than fires and our volunteers were trained in First Aid, CPR and several became certified EMTs.

Once at a nearby senior community, an 86 year old man was having difficulty breathing; it turned out to be a heart attack. Using CPR and a defibrillator our volunteers were able to save this gentleman's life. Around April 2007, our volunteers responded to a motorcycle accident where a man's ankle had been severely injured. They provided emergency first aid until the victim could be transported to the hospital. The man ended up having surgery on his ankle, was able to walk again and was very thankful to our volunteers for the emergency assistance he received. Our volunteers responded to a medical call resulting from a small plane wreck and were able to provide medical assistance to the victims of the crash, reviving one of them with the use of the training they had received. One of our volunteers stated "I can't put into words what it feels like to save a life and the joy that you can get out of bringing someone back to life."

Neighbors' Comments on our Volunteer Firefighters:

"As a member of the Board for the Sunshine Summit Volunteer Fire Department; I have witnessed the generosity and commitment to the community by your treatment facility. Not only are most of our Volunteer firemen from your facility, but we have on the Board a valued member of the facility. The dedication of these people is to be applauded, and restores my faith in human kindness!" - R.W. "We want to thank you for allowing four of your employees to be Volunteer Fire Fighters. They are such upstanding citizens and are a wonderful reflection of our station to all they come in contact with." - Neighbor