Family Contact and Visits

During the withdrawal portion of the program, we do not allow our clients to make or receive phone calls because they are adjusting to the program and they may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, we ask that our clients' family members or friends speak with our Director of Consultation or Family Consultant for progress reports. Withdrawal usually lasts anywhere from 2 to 10 days. Once out of withdrawal, our clients are allowed to make and receive phone calls. We suggest that communication to them is kept upbeat and supportive.

Family members may notice an improvement in their loved one's attitude within a short time of starting the program and may want to visit them. It is strongly suggested that our clients do not receive visitors until the sauna program is complete, usually 4-6 weeks after arriving into the program. We recommend that our clients do not leave the program for visits either. It is best to allow them to complete the entire program without interruption, so they can be prepared for any situations that they may encounter, when finally returning home.