Family Consultation

To reach the objectives of various parts of the program and to obtain and maintain sobriety, it is essential that participants address underlying problems which their addictions have helped them to avoid facing. This can be challenging, but success actually depends on it. Rather than confronting these issues, recovering addicts often resort to their old behaviors of avoiding them by looking for any excuse to discontinue treatment. These excuses should not be given credence. This is actually when they will need their family's support and encouragement to continue on their course of recovery rather than giving into their past addictive behaviors.

Therefore, it is very important that family members of the participant work with their center's Director of Consultation to find out what their loved one is going through during the program. This allows the family to get professional advice on the situations that are being addressed, learn what to expect during each step of the process and find out how to handle their loved one's concerns so they can help them successfully progress through their program.