Drug Educators

Our drug educators have a combined 50 years of experience in drug addiction prevention services and are all trained drug educators and addiction specialists. Their varied backgrounds give them a variety of styles to suit all age groups, ethnic types and cultures to which they deliver our prevention programs.

We offer a comprehensive series of interactive presentations in lecture, slide show and video forms for students in grades four through twelve on the many subjects of drug use and abuse, drug abuse prevention and drug education. Presentations are current, entertaining, engaging and always age appropriate.

We also deliver in colleges, adult trade schools, corporations, businesses, community centers, churches, special events, and clubs.

Tony Bylsma

Tony Bylsma is our Director of Drug Education and he is a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) and has been a drug dependency counselor since 1976. Mr. Bylsma has delivered the Narconon Truth About Drugs lecture series to more than 600,000 students, parents and teachers and has been invited to speak at conferences, events, radio and television shows and is well known for his professionalism and his extensive knowledge about drug prevention.

Jesse Crosby

Jesse M. Crosby is a Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) who has seen the destruction caused by drug abuse first hand, both in his professional life and his personal life. Having grown up in an area of Los Angeles that is plagued with drugs and violence, Jesse is very passionate about helping young people avoid the grip of drug and alcohol abuse. He understands exactly what the kids in the inner city face on a daily basis. At a young age, Jesse fell into substance abuse but was able to escape and now he has now been drug-free for over a decade. That experience gives him a unique understanding of the traps and dangers of drugs and alcohol and more importantly, it has given him a purpose to ensure that the youth in our communities avoid those same pitfalls.