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These success stories seperated into two different catagories; From Students and From Teachers. To view these success stories, please select from the above menu.

Our Drug Abuse Prevention Program gets results because of a few different reasons:

  1. Our presenters have experienced the negative effects of drug use personally so their experience is found to be very truthful and real to the audience.
  2. Our presenters’ personal experiences have given them the drive and purpose to really make sure that people avoid the traps of drug and alcohol abuse.
  3. The presentations are interesting because personal stories and humor are used which capture the attention of the audience.
  4. Factual information that is real is related in simple terms that the audience can understand.
  5. The actual effects of drugs are explained in relation to the body, mind, emotions and ability to attain goals so the audience can see how drugs can affect them now and in the future.

You can view some of the many success stories that we receive each year by clicking on the Student Success Stories and Teacher Success Stories links on this page under Additional Information. These testimonials were taken from acknowledgement letters of schools and organizations and from surveys of students who have received our drug prevention presentations.