Drug Education Curriculum

Our drug addiction treatment and prevention group uses a comprehensive drug education curriculum. Working in the recoveryeservices field, we truly understand the drug problem as a whole cannot be addressed by handing the effects of abuse, without also addressing the initial starting point of the problem. Prevention is more effective, less time consuming and avoids many of the hardships that we face every day in substance abuse treatment.

In over 45 years of experience in this field, we've found that the majority of young people who gain true knowledge and understanding of the real dangers of drugs can make better decisions to avoid drug abuse completely.

The Truth About Drugs Curriculum:
  • Provides information that studentscan relate to and easily see demonstrated in real life.
  • Presents the information in a way that audiences can receive and understand easily.
  • Members of the audience are encouraged to arrive at their own conclusions about the facts presented.
  • Young people are guided to alternative solutions to social situations that might otherwise lead to drug use.
  • This curriculum has been delivered to hundreds of thousands of students in grades four through college.
  • Presentations are highly interactive so the audience stays fully engaged.
  • Presentations are engaging and are visually stimulating with the use of illustrations and Power Point slideshows. Student’s often remark on the fact they were interested throughout the talk.

Components of our Evidence Based Program

Our drug abuse prevention program is evidence-based and a recent outcome study shows effectiveness in reducing drug use among high school students. Click here or view it online at http://www.substanceabusepolicy.com/content/3/1/8.

Our interactive presentations and practical sessions contain simple, true information about the physical and mental effects of drugs as well as other social issues related to drug use. Delivery of the program includes presentations from experienced speakers, the use of informative Power Point presentations, and real-life examples.

We don't just tell kids to "say no"; we educate them to come to that conclusion on their own, and more importantly, show them why they should "say no". The presentations are real and reflect what the students may already be currently experiencing in their environment.

We found that an effective presentation must be entertaining as well as informative. Nothing puts an audience to sleep more quickly than using too many undefined technical terms or being too serious. This is even more the case with young people. So our presenters utilize the power of humor to keep children's attention and keep them entertained during the talks.

Outline of Presentation Subjects

The Truth About Drugs presentations are divided into various subjects. They are geared to the appropriate age groups and focus on real life situations.

The Truth About Drugs Subjects:
  • The physical effects of drugs on the body
  • How drugs affect the mind
  • Tobacco, smoking and your health
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines
  • Hallucinogens and the dangerous effects on the mind
  • Heroin, painkillers and other opioids
  • Establishing and achieving goals in life and how drugs negatively affect this
  • Addiction-how it starts and what keeps a person addicted
  • Emotional impacts of drug use


We also offer a series of Power-Point presentations that cover specific topics:
  • Marijuana and the ten most common myths about it
  • Tobacco
  • Methamphetamine
  • Ecstasy
  • Hookah and Electronic Cigarettes
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Alcohol
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Opioids and Heroin
  • And more